Xela extends its industry knowledge to corporations of all sizes to ensure optimized implementation & lasting support on all carrier services.


Business Intelligence

Audit & Analysis

Do you have access to all information about your telecom infrastructure at your fingertips to be proactive and strategic?  How would you like one report outlining all of your providers, why you need them, their contract terms and their costs? 

Xela's proprietary audit & analysis methodology begins with a complete baseline of all telecom carrier services and costs.  Deliverables include an intuitive executive summary followed by detailed reports itemizing every component, including fees, taxes and surcharges. Transparency at such a granular level enables optimal decision making & supports ongoing comprehensive ROI analysis so that you can move forward to OPTIMIZE & SAVE.

Optimize & Save

Report & Recommend

Nobody understands your company’s evolving needs like you do. So, with a clear breakdown of your entire telecom infrastructure, the big question now is how to bridge the gaps from where you are to where you need to be?  Which projects make the most sense now and which should wait?  For over 10 years Xela has helped Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized Enterprises and small business owners to ask the right questions of the right people for the right results.   Our recommendations align your needs with the best-in-class providers.  The result is a solution that meets your specific objectives and delivers optimal value to your company every time, and on time LIKE CLOCKWORK.

Like Clockwork

Implementation Management

The time to act is now. You have a clear understanding of where you are and the solutions you need to evolve your infrastructure. And with a magic wand you would have everything implemented tomorrow. BUT the reality of managing the changes, while still focusing on your core projects can be daunting. This is where Xela steps in with comprehensive project management allowing you to realize the value of your solutions ASAP. Xela’s project management team brings the industry experience, carrier relationships and dependability to drive results so you don’t deal with all of the detail which means that you can go BACK TO WORK.

Back to Work

Continuous Improvement

Welcome to a partnership with a company who is as passionate about your success as you are. Not only are we always just a phone call away, but even when you don’t reach out to us, we are behind the scenes monitoring your accounts and working with your providers to improve the value that telecom technology brings to your company.

Our ongoing support programs are tailored to meet your needs and budget. Services range from Help-Desk Support to complete outsourced Carrier Management Programs.  We are passionate about supporting you so that you can get back what is most important…YOUR TIME.