This regional insurance company operates from 30 locations in multiple states, and utilizes more than 10,000 voice and data lines spread over dozens of providers. Xela performed a detailed audit of its existing telecom infrastructure, carrier charges and physical equipment. Thousands of pages of invoices were broken down by carrier and system element.

At the conclusion of its audit and inventory, Xela identified monthly recurring savings to Blue Cross in the amount of $750,000 for carrier overcharges, identified hundreds of lines to be eliminated and optimized its telecommunications infrastructure for both efficiency and cost savings. After reducing monthly conference expenses from $60,000 to $7,000 through negotiation of better rates and optimization of the client's telecom system, Xela identified monthly reoccurring savings to Blue Cross in excess of $1 million annually. Xela continues to serve as telecom support for Blue Cross, where it provides project management, invoice review, vendor management and continuous oversight of the client's entire telecom carrier infrastructure.

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