Digital Solutions, Inc (DSI) is a worldwide leader in criminal justice and public safety automation. It provides telecom services to more than 400 correctional facilities nationwide, operating more than 1500 lines and multiple voice and data T1s. Due to its rapid growth and the complexity of its telecommunications needs, DSI looked for a long-term solution. 

Following a detailed Audit, Inventory and Optimization of its existing telecom infrastructure, Xela was able to provide DSI an annual savings well in excess of $1 million. Because of its bargaining strength with carriers, Xela was able to negotiate significantly lower carrier pricing through the creation of a truly customized plan that addressed the unique calling pattern of DSI's customers. 

For three years, DSI has outsourced its complete telecom management to Xela, saving the client in the aggregate of $5 million of telecom expense. Xela has signing authority, manages every telecom project and makes all decisions on behalf of DSI. Xela provisions every order and meets with DSI personnel regularly to review the account and their upcoming needs. Currently, it is conducting an assessment of VoIP opportunities for further cost reduction and enhanced telecom efficiencies.